Friday, 30 August 2013

Downloading Nirvana, by Glen Byford reviewed

The last ten days,from the beginning of my recovery from a operation
for Prostate Cancer, has been eased along by a book fashioned 
around people close to me, in-fact some very close may even be family,
if I don't sound sure it's because its a work of fiction but the inspiration
is so so familiar, it became like a sudoku puzzle for me,
filling in parts moving them around trying to get it all to add up,
Was it a game show I was on, or a refresher course to brush up my life
skills, I don't know but I feel all the better for reading it.
I shed a few tears and also roared with laughter, for me a moving book,

Well-done  Glen,   

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Living in the Moment, an aspiration.

The Surgeon performed his part a week ago,
Now I start my recovery, I seem to have
recovery tasks in tandem now,
I remember when work was like this
moving from job to job, more than one a day,
and at weekends,  living in the moment,
no plans just the need to live,
maybe I need to get some of
that life back, the one without the need of a 
backup plan / safety-net, to much thinking
all the time, I don't think its going-to happen  
overnight but lets try, Just now and then.
      Freedom is around the next corner!   

Monday, 12 August 2013