Saturday, 31 December 2011

Not even tempted

There was a hidden force 
helping me fight my corner
a inner-strength
I never knew I had   

Only the felling of weightlessness
and the shaking in my upper body
gave me the courage to go on and
open the tin

Thank you Ian.

and there he was my very own
Ninja Warrior
Ready to take on 2012 together

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

If its good enough for them

                          By Stuart Byford, Stu's View. Snake painted in Acrylic and photoshoped In.

YES I've been keeping my head down like a lot of gods creatures 
when times are hard and life is difficult the body slows right down
and hibernates, and just for good measure I stick my head in the sand,
so not to hear the doom and gloom stories and the PPI  have you been 
miss sold ?  phone calls, we get here all day every day in the UK.


(  PPI.  Payment Protection Insurance. )

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Give us a Smile

Stu's View,    Title, Smile.   Acrylic  8 x 6  Recycled Hardboard.

A smile can mean so much, give so much  pleasure,
yet can hide so many emotions. 

Started painting yesterday afternoon and finished in the evening 
sitting in front of the TV and a nice log fire,
Now I'm Smiling.   

Saturday, 10 December 2011


By Stuart Byford. Acrylic on recycled hardboard inspired by  Nemi by Lise

I like people with attitude.
Nemi a cartoon in the Metro a free paper here in London,
I pick it up at the station, some times I have to walk the carriages
to find a discarded copy, if I'm going to an art group this is where  I
get all my ideas from, it has to be a spur of the moment thing
when I start or it gets over worked in my head, and nothing happens
much like this blog.

I don't  like swearing but some times I just have to let it go if there is nobody about,
correction I don't let it go, it  FORCES  its way out  EXPLODES 
sadly not always when I'm alone.